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Frequently Asked Questions

Section 6: The luxurious Quantum Lady

What does she do?
Whether you want a stately cruise enjoying the sumptuous appointments of one of her palatial suites, an evening of fine dining and superb entertainment, or just a lascivious weekend, the Quantum Lady is the pleasure ship for you! No mere orbiting casino, the Quantum Lady is an FTL-capable vessel containing dozens of casinos, night-clubs, theatres, restaurants, pleasure palaces, and specialty boutiques.

How big is she?
The Quantum Lady is just over 2000 meters long. Her central hull is 150 meters wide. The four recreational modules are 600 meters in diameter.

Who is her Captain?
General Manager William Pandango (a pangolin) is the ultimate executive in charge of the ship. He is answerable only to the board of directors of the Quantum Lady Corporation. The ship's captain, who is in charge of the space crew and the actual navigation of the ship is Capt. Miles Adams.

Who is on board?
The Quantum Lady has accommodations for over 1200 staff and crew, 1500 cruise passengers, and 7000 short-term patrons. The staff includes everything from typical starship crewmembers to bartenders, card dealers, escorts, cooks, janitors, bellhops, and house detectives. The passengers run the full gamut from middle-class day-trippers to the ultra-wealthy.