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Frequently Asked Questions

Section 5: The intrepid Ramanujan

What does she do?
The Ramanujan is a research vessel operated by the Jodhpur Academy of Sciences. Her mission is to increase knowledge through scientific investigation and educational outreach. Please note that the Ramunjan is not a science vessel in the tradition of Star Fleet; rather think of her as a specialized university campus that happens to be mobile.

How big is she?
A converted FTL super-freighter, the Ramanujan is nearly a kilometer in length, and is equipped with the most sophisticated sensors, astronomical equipment, and physical and biological laboratories available in Known Space.

Who is her Captain?
The Ramanujan is commanded by the leopard cat, Captain Benzar Ghatak, a decorated veteran of Jodhpur's space fleet, and the orangutan Dr. Hari Kamaraj, former Chancellor of Sasaram University.

Who is on board?
The Ramanujan has a space crew of 60, plus 100 support personnel, 85 professors and teaching assistants, and up to 250 graduate students.