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Frequently Asked Questions

Section 4: The infamous Iktomé

What does she do?
The Iktomé masquerades as a legitimate heavy freighter. Several heavy freighters, actually. She uses different names and registries depending on which system she is in. The captain supplements his income with various illegal activities, including smuggling and outright piracy.

How big is she?
The Iktomé alone is 650 meters; with false hull added, she measures 800 meters. The Iktomé has a sleek, angular design; she was originally built as a military bird-of-prey by the tigers of Trium. She was heavily damaged in a skirmish with the Zylithians and presumed lost with all hands aboard. She was rediscovered by the pirate ship Shadowfax several decades later, and refitted as a pirate cruiser; she has since gone through several captains and crew compliments, only recently acquiring her false hull.

Surrounding the cruiser's angular frame is the clam shell-like false hull, with an electronic billboard along its sides which allows the Iktomé to declare herself to be any corporate merchanter whose design she resembles. This false hull (called the Clam by the Iktomé's crew) is equipped with a variety of computer measures that produce artificial magnetic, thermal, and electronic signatures, confusing opponents' sensors as to it's true make up. The Clam is semi-autonomous, and can be made to eject itself free of the Iktomé when needed. It can be located and replaced as a false hull with a minimum of engineering effort. The Clam is capable of autonomous maneuvers when disengaged from the Iktomé; it can be piloted from the helm of the Iktomé, the engineering helm of the Cradle, or by onboard computers within the Clam. In extreme circumstances, the false hull can be manned and piloted.

Who is her Captain?
She is captained by the swashbuckling coyote, Bendigo Roberts. Roberts was a crewmember on another "less than legal" ship before he acquired the Iktomé.

Who is on board?
The Iktomé has a crew of 126, including a small army of marines and their support staff. The number of colorful characters and nasty cutthroats who have been aboard her is quite a bit more than that, as she has a rather high turn-over in the marines. The first mate is Sirrah Chakhan, a wolverine who at one time was the owner of the ship which would become the Tai-Pan (and hold a burning desire to own her again); he served in the Mishikhan Marines and can be a ruthless opponent. The quartermaster is the fox, Ian St. Ritz. Ian is well past the average age of a pirate, which means the image he projects of being a grumpy, ineffectual blowhard is probably an act. The chief engineer is a capybara named Leslie Spinoza. The head of the marines is a tough old magpie named Isedore.