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About the Tai-Pan

Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe is a publication of the Tai-Pan Literary & Arts Project, a not-for-profit corporation. The fanzine contains stories set in an alternate future where anthropomorphic Terran species and aliens adventure in a balkanized interstellar society. This universe — the universe of the Tai-Pan, Quantum Lady, Iktomé, and Ramanujan — was first created by a group of friends at the 1988 Northwest Science Fiction Convention.

Our goal is to publish a quality fanzine, containing a wide range of art and writing, aimed at readers who don't expect to settle for second best. We also wish to encourage the writing and artistic talents of our subscribers when possible.

The editor of the Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe fanzine is Gene Breshears. The fanzine is published twice a year: spring and autumn. In the pages of the Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe you will find the best anthropomorphic art and fiction available in Known Space. Tales aims for something between a "G" and an "PG-13+" rating. From time to time, stories and artwork containing themes outside that rough guideline may be published in special editions.

The Tai-Pan Literary & Arts Project exists to produce quality anthropomorphic publications, inspire contributors, and foster creative skills.

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Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe copyright 1988-2011, Tai-Pan Literary & Arts Project. All rights reserved under International and Pan-American conventions. All art and stories © by respective artists and writers. All persona characters © by their individual creators. All other material © 1988-2011 Tai-Pan Literary & Arts Project. No part of Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe or these webpages may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means - graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, taping, or information storage and retrieval systems - without written permission, except for reviews with proper credit. We reserve the right to reprint any material contained within the pages of Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe.